Honoring Hometown Heroes if a group of core volunteers operating as an entity within Greater Granbury MOAA Foundation. All financial transactions are documented and reported thru the MOAA Treasurer. Without their support, Honoring Hometown Heroes would not have been able to reach their goals and fulfill the desire to show the utmost respect and honor to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and honor those currently serving.

Contact info – Gail, 214-676-2132

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Hero Banners can still be ordered and will be displayed in locations throughout the town/county. Banners are $150 and can be ordered online at the link above. Pictures can be uploaded online or emailed to us.

Some samples of banners displayed around the square.

The Vision of a Gold Star Mother

How we got started…

10 years ago, a Gold Star Mother, Gail Joyce, was inspired by a Field of Flags she saw in California. She had lost her son in the Black Hawk Down battle in Mogadishu and lost her husband to complications from agent orange in Vietnam. The Field of Flags in Granbury was started in 2012 and has recently been held on land along the main highway in Granbury Texas. The growth of Granbury has caused the development of the land and we are evolving the effort into the new “Honoring Hometown Heroes” , keeping Gail and her vision at the forefront of our activities. 

Gail Joyce is affectionately known around Granbury as the “Flag Lady”.

More people need to know that she is also a Gold Star Mother and what that means. Her family paid the ultimate price, the loss of a child, so, she is now a member of the “club that no one wants to be a part of”. That is why Honoring Hometown Heroes is launching Hometown Hero Banners to keep the community spirit alive, aligned to Gail’s vision, and thriving in the “Best Historic Small Town in America”. Hear her story below about her passion for “Remembrance and Honor”

Gail Joyce, with 100 yo Charles Baldwin, WWII P-45 Pilot

Hero Banners were launched at the Memorial Day Weekend Remembrance & Honor event at the Hwy 377 Memorial Flag field and now are being relocated to approved locations throughout Granbury and Hood County. These banners are currently being placed all around Granbury so we can host “Hero Hunts” for visiting groups, church youth groups, school activities, etc. Our goal is to remember these heroes, always.

Hot-rod the horse along with Mark Collum and Joshua Holm, of Steelhope.org

Spotlighting those killed in action…

Hometown Hero Banners are also on display at the Jim Burks Firefighters Memorial Park/Memorial Lane.

God Bless the USA, and other patriotic, memorial, reflective music played all weekend as visitors enjoyed the display. Many were teaching children and grandchildren about the meaning of Memorial Day.

Our Leadership Team


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Thank You so much for your monetary donation and your support.

Thank You for filling the field with Heroes by purchasing 10 Hero banners!
Thank You for filling the field with heroes by purchasing 10 Hero banners!
Our flags would not being flying high without you!
GCH Concrete Services (THANK YOU for fixing the entrances!)
Thank You for our beautiful new signs advertising our event!!
Thank for quickly supplying materials so we can make our banner frames!
Thank you for all the printing of flyers, brochures, programs, etc.

Additional Supporters

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